It’s no secret that at Jarritos, we’re a big fan of color. Our signature colorful bottles are just one of the things that set us apart from the competition. And we’re always looking for ways to make every part of our lives just a bit more colorful. 

Here are some of the ways we’ve been bringing our favorite colors into our lives this year.

Hold a Jarritos tasting competition

Obviously, our favorite way to inject some color into our days is by popping open a bottle of one of our favorite Jarritos flavors. But why not take things up a notch by putting your tastebuds to the ultimate challenge with a Jarritos taste test? 

All you need to do is buy a bottle of each Jarritos flavor and gather up a group of family and friends. One by one, blindfold the participants and have them taste each flavor of Jarritos and guess which flavor it is. Each correct guess earns one point. Give out prizes to the first, second and third place winners and celebrate their victory with a toast: ¡Salud!

Jump on the tie-dye train

Tie-dye is back, baby! This 90s-era DIY trend has come roaring back this season and can be found on everything from clothes to home decor to face masks. You can make your own tie-dye creations using one of these simple tutorials and whichever colors your heart desires. This is a great weekend activity for kids who may be bored of staying inside and need a project to work on. The best part? When you’re done, you’ll have your very own colorful creation to wear proudly. 

Plant some flowers

Regardless of whether you live in a house or apartment, a beautiful flowering plant is one of the best ways to cheer up the interior or exterior of your home. You can bring home a fresh bouquet from the florist or grocery store, or take a walk around your neighborhood and collect any wildflowers you might see. Or, if you’ve got a green thumb, you can plant your own flowers in a planter or in your front yard to bring a dose of cheerful color to whoever sees them. 

Redecorate your home

There are few better ways to inject some color into your daily life than redecorating. You don’t have to give your whole home a makeover — just a few colorful touches in each room can bring the place to life. A new framed print, throw pillow, rug or cozy throw can be just the thing to brighten up a room and make it feel cozy and colorful. 

Pick up coloring

Since we’re all spending a little more time indoors these days, now is the perfect time to pick up a new hobby. Coloring is no longer only an activity for young children — teens and adults have embraced the trend, and there are plenty of coloring books on the market for colorers of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re into wizards and dragons, gardening, cocktails, or even human anatomy, there’s a coloring book to suit your interests and make the time go by just a little bit faster.