Spooky season has officially arrived! Aside from putting on a quirky costume and snacking on mouthwatering candy, Halloween is an ideal time to throw a hauntingly good bash — and what’s a party without a good drink?

This year, make sure your Halloween drinks taste as good as they look by adding Jarritos soda to the mix. Check out five of our bone-chilling Halloween drink recipes that will bewitch your party guests.

La Hechicera

An icy drink whose name translates to “sorceress,” this enchanting recipe works with any of your favorite Jarritos flavors, such as Grapefruit, Jamaica or Guava. Squeeze a lime into a martini glass full of ice, pour in your Jarritos pick, then add some dry ice to make a spooky, smoky garnish. Just remember to handle dry ice carefully with gloves and tongs, and wait until it has dissolved before consuming your drink!

Candy Corn Mocktail

As far as seasonal sweet treats go, candy corn is one we wait for all year long. This recipe for a candy corn mocktail takes the beloved flavors of candy corn and turns them into a delightful drink. Amp up the flavor with Jarritos Mandarin and add a tablespoon of pineapple juice with two tablespoons of ginger ale. Pierce a few pieces of candy corn, hard or gummy, through a mini kabob and rest it on the rim of the glass to garnish!

Bloody Punch Bowl

It may not be as spooky as the real deal, but you’ll still have a bloody good time making this party-ready punch! Blend a bag of frozen strawberries with Fruit Punch Jarritos, then pour into a punch bowl. Add a bottle of Mineragua sparkling water for a fizzy twist, then complete with some spooktacular garnishes, like fake spiders or cobwebs around the bowl or gummy eyeballs in the punch.

Witch’s Brew

This bright and witchy green drink is sure to put a spell on your guests! Dissolve a package of lime-flavored D’Gari gelatin in boiling water into a large bowl. Once it’s cool, add some Lime Jarritos with ginger ale and ice.

Vampire Ice Cream Float

If the kids want to join in on the Halloween festivities, they can build their own vampire-themed ice cream floats to satisfy their sweet teeth. Simply help them fill a tall glass with two scoops of vanilla ice cream. Then have them pour in some Strawberry Jarritos, top the drink with whipped cream and drizzle with strawberry syrup. They won’t be able to resist this bloody good treat!

Learn more about Jarritos online and discover all the tasty flavors to make your Halloween celebrations super good (and super spooky)!

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