It’s that time of the year again! Oct. 4 marks National Taco Day, a celebration for the beloved dish that is the taco. The biggest taco fans can rejoice in the art of crafting their favorite food, from soft and hard shell choices to adding endless toppings that’ll satisfy all taste buds.

But who says the festivities should stop after one day? If you’re too taco-obsessed for a single National Taco Day fiesta, try one (or more!) of these seven ways to keep the celebration going all month long.

1. Seek out authentic taquerias in your town

The best tacos to have are the ones made by experts using recipes that have been passed down for generations, so consider making a pit stop at a family-owned taqueria near you. Not only does this give you a reason to get out and explore your town’s culinary scene, but it’s also a fantastic way to support local businesses. Whether you’re looking for an up-and-coming spot or a decades-old staple, show some love to your hometown!

2. Learn about the history of tacos

Have you ever wondered who invented the tastiness that is a taco? Put your reading glasses on and take a trip down taco memory lane to research its roots and learn about its evolution from street food to fast food. We recommend watching the Taco Chronicles, a Netflix docuseries that explores the rich histories of popular, mouthwatering taco styles!

3. Pair your tacos with Jarritos

As the Official Drink of Tacos, Jarritos is the obvious choice to keep you quenched during your taco feast! Take a look at our list of Jarritos flavors that we recommend pairing with popular types of tacos.

4. Throw a make-your-own-taco party

What’s a better way to celebrate National Taco Day than with a proper fiesta? Get your guests to create their favorite tacos, buffet style! Check out our tips on building your own self-serve taco bar for your next taco get-together.

5. Dress yourself (or your pets!) up like a taco

Celebrate National Taco Day in style and get a head start on your Halloween costume at the same time! Get your furry companions in on the fun with by picking out an adorable taco-themed pet costume and find your own equally taco-tastic outfit to match in.

6. Learn how to make your own tortillas

There’s nothing like eating a meal that you’ve made yourself from scratch. Try your hand at being an authentic taco chef by making some of your own handmade tortillas. It might get a little messy in the kitchen, but at least your appetite will be satisfied afterward!

7. Make some dessert tacos

If you’re looking to liven up your taco skills, look up some taco recipes that add a sweet twist! Learn how to make a batch of healthy tamarindo tacos with cucumbers and carrots, along with choco tacos sprinkled with extra fudge and peanuts.

Visit Jarritos online to learn more about the super-good flavors you can use to accompany your National Taco Day celebration!

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